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Mongenan : A famous Graves wine
The Château de Mongenan vineyard has a variety of old vines among the whites and the reds such as Malbec and Muscadelle, located in Portets (6 hectares). This vineyard existed already during the 3rd century: many coins from this era were found by archeologists.
The vines are planted in ranks, very tight, and rejuvenated via cloning. The majority of the vineyard is 50 years old, a unique example in the region, for such a quality wine made by old vines.
The wine is aged only into french oak barrels. The Château de Mongenan wines are sold only to private customers and to restaurants.

The Masonic temple was set in 1738 during the first prohibitions and kept all ritual tools from that time. It carries messages still lively of the Jacobites, of Illuminism, and of the Brotherhood with both Scottish and French rites. These ones were linked to Montesquieu and his colleagues from the Academy, and made Bordeaux a philosophical sanctuary inspiring Europe, America and all stopovers of the world.

Mongenan : the magic gardens
The “ornamental”, “for usefulness” et “for pleasure” gardens establish an exceptional trimming often reproduced into several magazines.
Arranged in a baroque style, the Usefulness Garden contains over a thousand essences and variety from tincture plants to medicinal or magic plants, and also ancient vegetables and fruits. A rose garden and an exceptional collection of iris during spring make this tour unforgettable.
The « ornamental » and « for pleasure » gardens, including its greenery scene, kept their baroque stones compositions and are decorated with rare ironwork from Blaise Charlut.



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